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(Left to Right)


Matthew Greeff, Kyle Thomson, Mikhail Wertheim Aymes


Marli Kleynhans, Devon van Heerden, Nicola Verreynne

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Mikhail Wertheim Aymes


Having been fortunate enough to spend three years studying abroad in Amsterdam in the Netherlands where I studied International Business Administration (Bsc), I returned to South Africa to begin my studies in Industrial Design. To date my work has won multiple design awards including design Indaba's most innovative product award 2015. I enjoy physical activity in my spare time which helps to clear my thoughts. Having a passion for open-source, my core philosophy to design is User-Centered.

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Devon van Heerden


“Try, Try and Try Again”. Reiteration is key to my design philosophy. This not only allows the product to build itself but  as a designer you become more grounded with the understanding of how the product works. This method might be a more time consuming and costly approach, but it guarantees a better outcome of the desired product. Designing products that are simple and clear is what I am all about. Woodworking is a long lived passion of mine and wood offers a great medium to express one’s passion that accentuates the unique grain of the product. Not one product is the same as the next.

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Nicola Verreynne

Operations Manager

A beautiful, simple and elegant idea is what I strives for. I like to diversify and try new things. Some people have a style and process that they stick to, but that’s not how I work. My process is simple: stay confident, do research, be honest with herself and create something that will make people smile. I am all about adapting to situations and finding the best design solution for a problem. When you succeed it feels amazing and if you don’t, you just learn a lot more. A philosophy that I live up to is that “It is not about the opportunities being handed to you, it is what you do with those opportunities”.

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Matthew Greeff

Branding Manager

Sustainable design that looks to nature for inspiration and solutions is key to any of my designs. I strive for design that is both sustainable, through material choices and manufacturing but is also simple. My love for nature and the outdoors has led me to appreciate all the untapped research nature has provided for people in many different ways. If not working, one can find me in the ocean where I am most at home. As a designer I feel that I have a responsibility of educating people about what it is that we do as Industrial Designers, creating awareness of how much thought goes into a product.

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Kyle Thomson

Financial Manager

My love for being outdoors and passion for nature has led to me adopting a sustainable approach to all I create, with emphasis on product quality and longevity. I feel that as today's designers, we are the driving force of tomorrow’s consumerism trends and therefore have the responsibility to shape our future.

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Marli Kleynhans

Online Marketing

As a well-traveled ardent designer, my design philosophy often ponders towards a timeless and a minimalistic approach. I enjoy and have done freelance photography since I can't remember. My achievements include multiple experienced year's in the hospitality Industry and being the 1st woman in SA to be a firelighter on a steam train. I frequently work as a volunteer in Cape Town as a steam hostess on two Locomotives dated from the1930s – It’s my never-ending muse. My field of interest regarding Industrial Design would be all aspects related to Aircraft Design & Industry. A Good design, according to me should indicate a good Didactic impression.

We are a team of six Btech Industrial Designer students currently in our final year at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Our product, the SOOC Studio was a culmination of our experience and problems of being an Industrial Design student for four years. With every semester yielding two physical products, our problem lay in the fact that we had no affordable means of digitally cataloguing our products thus more often than not the spare room turned into a storeroom for all our classwork and side projects.

Faced with our 5K brief at the beginning of the year we felt it upon us that this would be the opportune moment to tackle this problem once and for all. As we would be entering industry at the end of the year, it became even more important for us to have a digital portfolio to showcase our work.