"The Proof is in the Pudding"

Here you can see pictures of a number of different products taken in the SOOC Studio. We have carefully picked various different products to demonstrate the versatility of The SOOC Studio, from lemon squeezer's to GoPro's our studio caters for a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Whether you are a photographer, chef, designer, social media mogul or just someone wanting to take professional looking product photos to sell something on gumtree, this studio is for you.




We have put in the work to create a truly remarkable product, the SOOC Studio is an all-in-one portable product photography solution which means NO lengthy lighting set up times, NO cancelled studio booking's and NO expensive studio and equipment hire. The SOOC Studio is your tool to take with you to work or home providing quick an easy access to professional looking product photography. Don't worry about taking pictures of sticky toffee pudding's or tiramisu's in the studio, as the cleanable infinity curve makes cleaning quick and simple.